Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

Contoh Speech "Say No To Drugs"

Name : Dina Febriani
From: Junior High School 1 Luragung

 Assalamu’alikum Wr, Wb
First of all let’s thank to Allah who has given us some mercies and blessing, until we can step our feet to this Speech Contest. I hope that deliver invocation to the prophet Muhammad saw. His family and other important religious figures. Who has moved our soul from the bad character to the good one and brought us from destruction into the safety. That is the right path of Allah.
Honorable adjudicators. In this opportunity I would like to a deliver a speech with the title “Young Generation Drugs Abuse”.
At this time who is not familiar with the drugs? Both men and women, young and old many who drugs  abuse. And ironically 70% of drug users are teenagers. As we knows, teenagers are the next generation who are obliged to bring Indonesian to progress. Therefor, we as young people should be able to say no to drugs. Many things can cause a person has to concume drugs an example that’s because of family ties that are not good, authoritarian parents, parents who don’t care, as well as outside influences.
Drug was originally used to relieve pain, such as the the type of opium drugs. However at this time many drugs abused by people who are not responsible for example many who use drugs because they thought that the drugs can increase self confidence it can be relieve stress and some people tought that the drugs are all problem solvers. In fact it’s all misunderstanding about the drugs.  
Therefor, we should knows 3 things that we must understand to combat drugs. The first we have to know drug, what’s drug what’s the danger for us, what the implications for us and also the people. Second do the treatment for those who already infected drug And finally rehabilitate the people who ever used drugs, for that person to leave the drug completely and totally be opposed to drug abuse. In addition, the government should completely remove drugs from this country by way of breaking the chain of trafficking or drug syndicates in the country.
For that, let’s us together to begin promoting Indonesian to combat drug in advance, Of course in this case, we promote Indonesian as a teenager with 3 ways : Refusing drug, learn properly, achievements in various fields, and is ready to become the future generation who will bring Indonesian to the gates of a drug free independence in our country. Say no to drugs.
I think… it’s enough for me, thank you very much and see you.
Wassalamu’alaikum Wr, Wb

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